Nursery  - PreSchool

Infants – Kindergarten

We offer age appropriate bible classes for Infants 8 weeks and older all the way up to kindergarten. Sunday mornings are not “just babysitting”, your child will have tons of fun and learn about Jesus through tactile and age appropriate stories, games, worship, and crafts. We believe that children are never to young to learn about the power and presence of God!


Our motto is SAFE - SANITARY - SECURE! We strive to provide your child a fun environment that is focused on learning about Jesus, but is also clean and safe.  We take the time to sanitize all of the toys weekly. We have an online check in system that enables us to text a parent in case of emergency. Our check in system prints a sticker label for each child and a label for the parent as well. Parents use their label to pick up their children after service. In addition, all of our classrooms are peanut-free and we serve animal crackers for a snack on Sunday mornings.


We also provide monthly parent resources to connect with your children about what they are learning on Sunday mornings and reinforce it throughout the week.